Medina, AnnaHaving grown up in Texas and Alabama, I’m a Southerner without a Southern accent. I attribute this anomaly to having grown up speaking Spanish at home. I journeyed out west in 2008 to attend Stanford University where I studied English with an emphasis in creative writing and Iberian and Latin American cultures. Mostly, I spent my undergrad days blissfully reading, writing and social dancing.

After graduating, I stayed in the Bay Area where I sought to combine my interests in food, art and writing. I worked as a studio assistant to Erin Gleeson, author of “The Forest Feast” cookbooks. Additionally, I spent time tutoring and volunteering in East Palo Alto, which led to curiosity in the whys behind the achievement gap and an interest in pursuing a master’s degree in education through the Stanford Teacher Education Program.

After some time teaching middle and high school English in the Bay Area, I decided to devote my time to writing. I’ve written for Brit + Co, The Culture Trip, Linkqlo and The Palo Alto Weekly. 

Most recently, I worked as an editorial assistant for The Palo Alto Weekly.