Sunny San Diego

San Diego is starkly sunny and bright in a high-definition kind of way, offering desert blooms, California history and gorgeous ocean views.

It’s freezing in most of the country right now, so reminiscing about this lazy summer road trip is like taking a virtual vacation (though living in the Bay Area I really can’t complain about the weather…)

After LA, we headed farther south to San Diego. What do I remember from this 2012 visit to San Diego? In the order they popped into my head:

Sunset on Coronado Island, 2012
Exploring Balboa Park, 2012
Strolling through the San Diego Botanical Garden, 2012

On our way back to the Bay Area, we made quick stops in Santa Barbara, where we enjoyed walking around downtown and walking the beach. This short stint was followed by San Luis Obispo, though, to be honest, since these stops were towards the end of our road trip, I mostly remember being a bit tired and ready to tuck in at home (this is evidenced by a lack of pictures taken at these locations. Ha!) One of the silver linings of a trip coming to a close is how much it makes me appreciate my little creature comforts and the reliable rhythm of the daily “grind.”


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