Granada and the majestic Alhambra

A view of Granada from the Alhambra.

Granada is dusty and winding narrow, maze-like cobblestone roads traversing layers of history and a palace that sparks wonder. 

From Barcelona, we changed up the pace and took a short flight down to Granada. We went to Spain in late June/early July and, though Barcelona was warm, even cool some days, Granada was having a record-breaking heat wave. I remember this because I was drenched while exploring the nooks and crannies of the city on foot, while in my jeans and in the middle of the day…

The Palace by night.

Granada is worth a trip if only to see the Alhambra. It’s truly stunning. We took 3 tours: a general day-visit, a focus guided tour on the water system, and a night viewing of the palace — all amazing, though if I had to pick one, I’d go with the general day-visit.

The Palace’s gardens are a must-see.
The intricate tile work and carving everywhere is just mind-blowing.

We got a great deal at the Hostal Rodri — it was ridiculously inexpensive for how charming, clean and centrally located it was. Plus, it was around the corner from our daily breakfast spot where we enjoyed café con leche every morning and toast with chorizo, queso, and jamón serrano (Rafi’s favorite).

After a few nights in Granada, we were off to the coast and ready to feel that cool Mediterranean Ocean breeze!

A hearty Spanish breakfast.

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