Beginnings are also endings

Door in Spain
An excellent door in Granada, Spain. 2011

I feel like people always emphasize how endings usher in new and exciting beginnings. You know, the whole “one door closes and another one opens,” mindset. Maybe I’m just surrounded by optimists.

Either way, I think it’s okay to take a moment to acknowledge that the door that just closed may have been an excellent door. Maybe it was made of a solid piece of wood, intricately and lovingly carved over many years, framed by vines of blossoming flowers. Maybe you want to stand outside the closed door and sentimentally stroke it.

And that’s okay, I think. Maybe even good or necessary.

As I was sitting on the plane ride home from our Babymoon, it hit me that this was our last trip, just the two of us, before Baby. It was the end of an era. A wonderful era. And, as much as I’m excited about the journey ahead, in that moment, I felt a pang of loss that seemed to reverberate somewhere deep in my soul.

And so, in the spirit of remembering, celebrating what was and acknowledging the chapter that is closing, I’m going to retroactively chronicle the trips I took with my husband and fellow traveler, Rafael (Rafi), starting with our honeymoon in Spain, circa the summer of 2011…Stay tuned!


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