Parent Prepping + Babymooning

It’s been quite a year-and-(almost)-a-half since my last foray into blogging, but life got busy. Freelance writing turned into a full-time job as an editorial assistant for a local  Bay Area newspaper, and I found myself not wanting to look at a screen in the evenings.

And now I’m entering a new chapter — one that other millennials are starting to embark on — Parenthood. Or, if you’d like to be gender-specific, Motherhood.

I’m just over 18 weeks along, so the idea of parenthood is an amorphous, fuzzy mostly abstract concept that my body keeps reminding me is no longer abstract. Not really. Not at all, in fact.

I’ve learned a few things these past 18 weeks:

  1. Nausea is worse than you think it is.
  2. Lunchtime in an enclosed office with poor ventilation is the worst.
  3. The dosage for some prenatal vitamins is two pills, not one (check the label!)
  4. Fainting sometimes happens and, depending on when and where it occurs, it can be scary. (Fainting while getting blood drawn in a lab: fine. Fainting while standing up on a crowded NY subway: not ideal.)
  5. Pickled okra is delicious.
  6. 2-and-a-half hour naps in the middle of the day are not uncommon.
  7. Prepare to a pee in a cup and get your blood drawn at pretty much every doctor’s visit. Fun stuff.
  8. There’s this magical resource for baby registry items called Lucie’s List that apparently everyone just knows about.
  9. There are a million bajillion permutations of every kind of baby product you could possibly think of, and it’s more overwhelming than you think it is.
  10. Yelp stroller reviews are your friend. (And, yeah, it’s a whole genre unto itself — who knew??)
  11. Sifting through reviews of items can slowly drive you insane, so pace yourself.
  12. By week 18, my husband Rafi and I both needed a vacation — hence our Babymoon to Kauai.

Why Kauai?

Because it’s paradise. I mean, see for yourself:


Pihea Trail, Waimea Canyon, 2014. Photo Credit: Rafael Medina


The food is amazing, it’s relaxing and it’s the perfect place to slow down and stare at the sea.

Here are a few of my personal recommendations from this trip, so far:

  1. Best Shave Ice: JoJo’s Shave Ice. Hands down. They make their own syrup and (they claim) to put less sugar in them. Whatever they’re doing, it works. It’s best enjoyed (guilt-mostly-free) after a jaunt around Waimea Canyon.


  1. Quick Lunch: Puka Dogs. They are what hotdogs wish they could be. The sausage of your choice is ingeniously inserted into the middle of the bread/bun (pigs in a blanket style), as are all the condiments – of which there are interesting varieties like “Lava Habanero” and “Star Fruit Relish.” The result is an enclosed, burrito-like hot dog with your condiments inside. Amazing!


  1. Massage + Pool Day: Koloa Landing Resort. Our first visit to Kauai, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Poipu. It was beautiful and luxurious, but we wanted a more low-key experience for our Babymoon. We opted for Hideaway Cove in Poipu, and we love how cozy and homey it feels. But we wanted a spa day, and we thought it’d be nice to take a dip in a pool. Koloa Landing was the place to go. Not all resorts allow spa guests to use the pool, but KL does (and their pools are super nice!). Best of both worlds.
  2. Pro Pineapple Tip: Sugarloaf Pineapple. If you like pineapple, even love pineapple, your mind will be blown when you try a sugarloaf pineapple. We’ve been dreaming of it since our last trip in 2014. It’s that good. Less acidic than regular pineapple, it’s juicier and sweeter and you can even eat the core! The Living Foods Market in Poipu sells it. Don’t let the price deter you. It’s worth it.



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