initial thoughts…

This “blog” is going to be a space for my thoughts on things I interact with on the daily: from movies I watch, to fascinating conversations I have, to my favorite podcasts and my strong feelings about heirloom beans.

This blog will be a messy scatter plot, perhaps with a general trend toward art, culture, identity, television, food, books, and what it is to be a “twenty-something” “millennial” not working in tech in Silicon Valley. (Exhausting, that’s what it is).

But, Anna, why are you hopping on the blog-band-wagon now? Why didn’t you hop on in like 2006 when blogs were relevant? 

Good question, reader (who I will henceforth refer to as Viv). Since I’m trying to carve a space for myself as a freelance writer, I was advised to create a blog where I would write the kind of articles I would want to pitch to a client…But that seems…restrictive, un-amusing, and potentially redundant.

Instead, I’m going to write in the first person. And editorialize. And, I’m probably going to use the Oxford Comma, even though it’s not in the AP Style book.

[Gasp] Bold moves. 

Oh, Viv. I’m just getting started.

Not to burst your bubble, but do you think anyone will want to, you know, read your blog? 

I have absolutely no idea, but you know what? I like talking to you, Viv. I like talking to you a lot.

Photo taken at “My Hero” art show at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA. Awesome slumping superhero artwork by Matt Ritchie.

2 thoughts on “initial thoughts…

  1. Thank you for doing this Anna! This sounds perfect. I love your writing!

    Viv sounds like a peach. We should all get together for mimosas sometime. 😉


  2. Exciting! I look forward to reading more of your posts soon – I have a feeling we’re ‘writerly’ kindred spirits 😀


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